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Adult Education

Adult Education




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Fridays, 5:25pm (after Kabbalat Shabbat)
Encounter a spiritual dimension of Judaism with the study of the Tanya, presented in a fascinating fashion by Rabbi Shimon Hecht. Attain insights into yourself and the world around you with these fundamental teachings of Kabbalah, exploring and resolving the dilemmas of the human soul.
Saturdays, 8:30-9:30am
Join for a class on chapters from the Likutei Torah, a classic collection of chassidic discourses. Discover gleanings of the Torah and the Parsha on a deeper level.
The world is a garden and each of us possess a seed - our soul - that we must nurture to make the garden a beautiful place.

Rabbi Menashe Wolf grew up in Australia and has traveled the world studying and leading Jewish experiences. He currently directs Chabad of Park Slope. 'Seeds of the Soul' is a message from his soul to yours - encouraging meaningful and mindful living.
The Torah is timeless and contains insightful ideas for all generations. Rabbi Menashe Wolf shares a relevant message from the weekly portion.