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A Portion of Relevance

The Torah is timeless and contains insightful ideas for all generations. Rabbi Menashe Wolf shares a relevant message from the weekly portion.

The Speech Impaired Leader

Have we become too obsessed with getting our message heard, that we've lost some focus on what the message is?

With web and social media algorithms choosing what gets seen, everyone is working on crafting the perfect soundbite that will get to their audience. But that can compromise the message.

The impact of social media on the way we think and communicate is huge and widely documented. But this is an angle that I haven't really seen addressed: How is social media affecting the way we judge the truth? How is it affecting the way we judge leaders? How is it affecting what opinions people choose to share? How is it affecting who people choose to follow?

Moses had a speech impediment, yet he was chosen to be the spokesmen for the Jewish… Read More »

Why the Ten Plagues?

This week we read about the downfall of the mighty Egypt through the medium of the ten plagues. G-d wrought destruction on the oppressive nation, leading eventually to the Exodus of the Jews. The plagues were a build up, successively getting harsher, until the tenth plague, death of the firstborns, was too much for Pharaoh and the Egyptians to handle. They caved to the Jews and let them free from their slavery.

If the final plague was so overwhelmingly powerful, couldn’t G-d have used it first and saved the need for the other nine. Why spend a year with a chain of lesser plagues and leave this winner for last?


There is a profound interpretation of the plagues that re-frames them, and answers this question. Using the… Read More »

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