The Bridal Suite

bridal room.jpgThe magnificent bridal suite combines antique inspiration with contemporary sophistication. The room features a cream-colored marble countertop that covers a set of smooth, slate-colored wooden drawers. Above the basin hang glass lanterns and an elegant mirror sheathed in an opaque floral design. Champagne-colored tiles of various shapes and styles frame both the suite’s floor and walls. Featuring a striking vintage claw-foot tub as well as a glass walk-in shower, the expansive bridal suite aims to satisfy all preferences.

The Chamber of Chic Simplicity

room2a.jpgComprised of beautiful sanguine woodwork, the Chamber of Chic Simplicity radiates modern minimalism. To the left lies a cherry-wood tub, adorned with a half-wall glass block and circular shower head. Opposite the tub lies an extensive wooden countertop housing a set of timber drawers. Sleek and simple glass lights set off a stone-cut, wall-length mirror, adding the perfect varnish to a brilliantly clean, spacious, and sharp room

The Room of Glamour

room3a.jpgThe Room of Glamour exudes lustrous sophistication. Covered by a half-wall glass block, a 7 sq. inch stainless steel rainstorm shower-head helps comprise the two-in-one shower plus large jacuzzi. The center of the Room of Glamour boasts an intricately designed mirror lying above an expansive sink countertop. Diaphanous jewel-shaped drapery encase the various lights ornamenting the room, creating a dazzling, luxurious effect. The room also features a door-length mirror as well as multifarious shades and sizes of gray tile.