Chavruta - chäv-ru̇-tä  (Aramaic: חַבְרוּתָא, lit. "friendship" or "companionship")

Chavruta is a traditional Jewish approach to study in which a pair of students analyze, discuss, and debate a shared text. Study with a Chavruta, or partner, is a hallmark of traditional Jewish learning. Together you break your heads on the texts. Two minds applied to a problem are almost always better than one. 

Monday night Chavruta offers an opportunity to explore any Jewish topic or text one-on-one with a qualified study partner. Join Chavruta for an hour of stimulating one-on-one conversation with a Rabbi or rabbinical/seminary student on a Jewish topic of your choice. Whether you want to study the weekly Torah portion, brush up on your Hebrew-reading skills, master a page of Talmud, explore the depths of Jewish Mysticism, or find out more about Jewish traditions, we have a study partner for you.

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Torah portions,  Hebrew-reading, Talmud, Jewish mysticism, Jewish traditions, etc.